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The Simon lab is a team of researchers at Temple University's School of Medicine dedicated to understanding integrated signaling dynamics between the heart's redox environment and calcium handling, and how pathogenic changes in either of these drive cell death and cardiac dysfunction. We leverage the latest innovations in biosensor development, cellular imaging, proteomics and biochemistry to tackle these fundamental biological processes, and combine our studies with work in animal models and human cells/tissues to address disease relevance. 


Test Tubes

Fundamental biology + translational insight = impact

Projects in our lab explore how stress-induced changes in the redox environment promote downstream effects more far-reaching than previously thought, and why this matters for cardiac adaptation and survival. 


Promoting innovation & translation

We use a breadth of cutting-edge tools and techniques to answer important questions related to redox biology, cell signaling and cardiovascular disease. Of highest priority to us is the generation of data that is both robust and highly reproducible.

Scientist in the Lab

The next generation of translational scientists

We recognize the value of diversity in driving innovation and discovery, and strive to foster an inclusive environment for all researchers within our lab. Our team is rapidly growing and currently looking for driven, enthusiastic scientists at any level - could that be you?

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